About a canter

A 1978 appearance. The basic color is yellow ocher. Therefore, the model change original catch phrase "a golden foot." A popular name "gold canter." The beginning of model change televised TV CM such as the parody of "007" series. As for the original emblem, this model adopted an M-shape while the FK series and the F series on the one class were three diamonds. Wide CAB and a 3t product car were set, and, as for the standard CAB, canter 20, canter 30, the wide CAB were released by canter wide 20, canter wide 30 and the name to say by this model.
A change minor in February, 1980. It is option setting with power steering to all wide CAB cars.
In November, 1980, it releases canter 15 as a 1.5 product car newly.
In December, 1980, it releases a 3.5 product car, canter 35 wide.
In November, 1982, I improve it partly. A letter of CANTER is greatly in the front grill in an MMC mark. In addition, I add a direct-injection engine (NA100PS, turbo 120PS) to a diesel car.
In December, 1983, it releases walk through van "canter walk through" based on canter 15.
In the first series of the TV drama "Class B of the third grade eight teacher that MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION was one company of the sponsor Kim", I was used in the moving scene of Mr. gold eight.